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Capturing your special events in our unique cinematic style makes your day truly stand out!

MB VIDEOGRAPHY: Capturing Your Special Moments with a Cinematic TouchWeddings, engagements, and private parties are among the most cherished times in one’s life. At MB VIDEOGRAPHY, we strive to make these moments unforgettable by offering unique and distinguished cinematic photography and videography services. Our team leverages extensive expertise in cinematic shooting, editing, and photography to transform joyful moments into unforgettable cinematic films.Our services include wedding photography, engagement photography, private party photography, love story photography, and family and children’s event photography. We utilize the latest technologies and advanced tools to deliver the highest quality to our clients.Our team is characterized by professionalism and dedication, always aiming to achieve customer satisfaction and meet their needs and desires. We understand the importance of these events in individuals’ lives, which is why we put our experience and skills at your service to make these moments unforgettable.In short, if you want to document your special moments with a unique and distinguished cinematic style, MB VIDEOGRAPHY is here to make it happen. Contact us now for more information and inquiries.

Wedding Promo Video

At MB VIDEOGRAPHY, we are dedicated to creating wedding promo videos that you will treasure forever. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can make your wedding memories unforgettable.

Multiple Camera Angles

At MB VIDEOGRAPHY, we use multiple cameras to cover your event with the highest quality. This allows us to create a high-quality cinematic promo video of your special occasion that you will remember for a lifetime.

Professional Editing

At MB VIDEOGRAPHY, we pride ourselves on providing professional editing services that transform your footage into a polished, cinematic masterpiece

Professional Filming Equipment

At MB VIDEOGRAPHY, we use a diverse range of modern and advanced equipment, such as cameras, lenses, lighting, and audio devices, to ensure you receive high-quality and distinctive photos and videos.


At MB VIDEOGRAPHY, we ensure that every detail is meticulously captured, providing you with stunning visual memories that last a lifetime.

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يومك يهمنا عشان كده بنهتم بتفاصيل كل جزء فيه ودي كانت نتائج بعض اعمالنا



6500 EGP 5000
  • تصوير سيشن برومو فيديو سينمائي
  • تصوير الحفلة كاملة
  • يتراوح ما بين دقيقتين ونصف الي 4 دقائق
  • مصور ومساعد مصور
  • كاميرا 4k تصوير سينمائي
  • مونتاج احترافي بالطريقة السينمائية


8500 EGP 6000
  • تصوير سيشن برومو فيديو سينمائي
  • تصوير تجهيزات العروسة والعريس
  • تصوير من بداية اليوم
  • تصوير الحفلة كاملة
  • يتراوح ما بين 4 دقائق الى 6 دقائق
  • عدد 2 مصورين وعدد 2 كاميرا
  • كاميرا 4k تصوير سينمائي
  • مونتاج احترافي بالطريقة السينمائية
يبدأ من


4500 EGP 3500
  • تصوير سيشن برومو فيديو سينمائي
  • يتراوح ما بين دقيقة ونصف الي دقيقتين ونصف
  • مصور ومساعد مصور
  • كاميرا 4k تصوير سينمائي
  • مونتاج احترافي بالطريقة السينمائية

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